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OKI 09002303 Nylon black, 3000K characters

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Seamless design, using the highest quality materials and lubricants, minimises printhead wear

- Minimal wear due to high quality ribbon material
- Metered ink flow for consistent, high quality output
- Precisely controlled ink viscosity for optimum coverage
- Precisely tooled ribbon shield minimises paper jams

Compatible Printers: OKI ML 186, British Telecom Cheetah, Utax P 600/1, OKI ML 8360 S, OKI ML 183, OKI Microline 321 Turbo D, ICL M 85, OKI Microline 182 Plus, OKI ML 193, OKI ML 180 Plus, OKI Microline 280 Series, OKI Microline 183, Utax P 600/2, OKI ML 182 Turbo, OKI ML 193 Elite, Wincor-Nixdorf 4100, OKI Microline 180, British Telecom Merlin MP 182, OKI ML 280 Series, OKI ML 182, OKI Microline 193, OKI ML 320 Elite, OKI Microline 194, OKI ML 321 Turbo, OKI Microline 100, Memorex 1302, OKI ML 195, NCR 6417, Memorex 2173 B, OKI ML 192, OKI Microline 182 TTY, OKI ML 180, OKI Microline 195, Wincor-Nixdorf 4010-N 60, Wincor-Nixdorf 4010-N 10, OKI Microline 182 Turbo, OKI Microline 320 Elite, Hasler 1010, OKI ML 320 Turbo, OKI Microline 182 T, OKI Microline 310, OKI ML 192 Plus, OKI Microline 180 Series, OKI Microline 320 Turbo, OKI ML 280 eco, Burroughs B 9253-82, OKI ML 172, Memorex 1301, OKI Microline 320 Flatbed, Texas Instruments Omni 835, OKI ML 183 Elite, OKI Microline 321 Turbo, Casio FP 7015, OKI ML 193 Plus, OKI Microline 320, OKI ML 183 Plus, British Telecom Leopard, OKI Microline 120, OKI ML 325, OKI Microline 184 Turbo, OKI ML 310, OKI Microline 184 T, British Telecom Tiger Telex, OKI Microline 193 Elite, OKI Okipos Series 90, OKI ML 351, OKI ML 182 T, OKI Microline 320 Turbo D, OKI Microline 190 Series, TEC GP 980, Texas Instruments Omni 830 Series, OKI ML 190 Series, OKI ML 188, OKI ML 182 Elite, OKI Microline 321 Turbo N, OKI ML 120, OKI ML 180 Series, OKI Microline 182, Casio FP 7000 Series, OKI ML 184, OKI Microline 320 Series, Wincor-Nixdorf 4009-N 10, OKI ML 321 Turbo D, OKI ML 320 Turbo D, OKI Microline 193 Plus, ICL 6230, OKI ML 321 Turbo N, OKI ML 184 Turbo, OKI ML 182 Plus, Sanyo SP 193, OKI ML 194, OKI ML 320 Turbo N, OKI ML 3320 eco, OKI ML 321, OKI Microline 3320, OKI ML 320, OKI ML 280 Elite Serial, OKI Microline 280 Elite Parallel, OKI Microline 280 Elite Serial, OKI Microline 3321 eco, OKI ML 280 DC, OKI Microline 3320 eco, OKI Microline 3321, OKI ML 3321, OKI ML 280, OKI ML 3320, OKI Microline 280 DC, OKI ML 280 Elite Parallel, OKI ML 3321 eco, OKI Microline 186, OKI Microline 172, Wincor-Nixdorf 4009-N 60, Memorex 1173, OKI Microline 192, Texas Instruments Omni 830, Memorex 1173 B, OKI Okimate 120, OKI ML 184 T, OKI ML 321 Elite, OKI Microline 192 Elite, OKI Microline 183 Plus, OKI Microline 320 Turbo N, Motorola PT 835, OKI Microline 192 Plus, Casio FP 7011, OKI Microline 321, OKI ML 192 Elite

More Information
Part Code: 09002303
EAN 5031713351009
Brand compatibilityOKI
Printing coloursBlack
Print head9-pin
Print yield3000000 characters
Product colourBlack
CompatibilityML182, ML183, ML192, ML193, ML280 (elite), ML320/ML321 (elite), ML3320/ML3321
Technical details
Printing coloursBlack
Print head9-pin
Print yield3000000 characters
Product colourBlack
Manufacturer OKI

Install hardware to customer specification


We can build your servers, storage and related products to suit your exact requirements, fully customisable. We can advise you on the components that will deliver maximum performance.

  • Qualified Engineers
  • Cost effective
  • Professional Service
  • Quality
  • Bespoke Service
  • ESD-free Configuration Centre
  • Remove overheads


Install Operating System and perform Windows updates

install server

We specialise in installing and updating Microsoft Server Environments. Our qualified engineers will install OS and perform critical Windows updates saving you time to concentrate on the core business.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional Staff
  • Time Saving
  • Server is patched against threats
  • Ready straight from the box
  • Deliver Project on time


Configure hard drives in specified RAID

server raid

Setting up RAID can be quite complicated, we can set up various RAID options for you e.g. RAID1, RAID5, RAID10 etc.
  • Ready for OS installation
  • Performance
  • Complexity simplified


Install any customer specific BIOS/Firmware settings

server bios
Powering on and testing your product prior to despatch will prevent you from receiving Dead on Arrival (DOA) product. This is particularly important if the product is needed for an urgent installation.
  • Patched and up to date
  • Avoid problematic firmwares


Install server role services specified by the customer

Install Server Role
We can install key roles on your server ready for deployment. We will work with you and customise it to your business needs.

We are pleased to offer the following:

Domain controller: Domain controller is the centrepiece of your network as it manages all access.

Active Directory: Active Directory is a directory service. It stores user account information and enforces security policy.

DHCP: DHCP assigns IP addresses to devices on a network.

DNS: DNS translates names into IP addresses e.g. servername to

Distributed File System: DFS offers the ability to share files across the network with greater access policy.

Static IP Address: We can assign static IP addresses that you specify along with subnet mask, gateway address and DNS info so it’s ready from the moment it leaves our Config Centre. Once the server is on your network, you can immediately start configuring remotely from your office.

  • Essential roles
  • Deployment ready
  • Network Friendly
  • Work remotely – never leave your office
  • Tailored service
  • Qualified Microsoft Server engineers
  • We’ll do most of the work for you so you don’t have to.


Full Soak Test (12/24 hour)

Soak Test
We can run your system though comprehensive test cycles identifying faults, system stability and performance.
  • Identify issues
  • Measure system’s stability
  • Time Saving


Create customers asset tag/register

We offer asset tagging to ensure equipment is pre-tagged on delivery. Tamper resistant labels are available and personalised to your company. We will keep a record of asset numbers and serial numbers for management of warranty support or DOA calls.
  • Professional Service
  • Deployment ready
  • Personalised
  • Easily changeable


PDI - Pre Delivery Inspection

Powering on and testing your product prior to despatch will prevent you from receiving Dead on Arrival (DOA) product. This is particularly important if the product is needed for an urgent installation.
  • Reliability of Equipment
  • Avoid disappointment
  • Deliver project on time
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Standard Delivery (2 Working Days)
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Delivery information:
Working days are Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).
Order cut-off time is 4pm, orders received after 4pm will be processed on the next working day.

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Weight/Size/Post Code exceptions apply, please read our Terms & Conditions for full details. Prices subject to VAT.
Delivery prices based on deliveries upto 20kg in weight, weights exceeding 20kg may incur delivery surcharges.
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