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HP 51645AE (45) Printhead cartridge black, 930 pages, 42ml

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The HP 45 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (42 ml) is the ideal choice for the frequent HP Deskjet, HP Photosmart and HP Officejet business and home user, who wants cost-effective, large-volume, clear, sharp output. HP 45 Black Inkjet Print Cartridges enable true 600 x 600 dpi resolution and feature pigment ink technology that delivers the highest possible quality on HP Deskjet, Photosmart, Designjet and Officejet printers, especially with HP papers and films.

Compatible Printers: HP DeskJet 750 Series, HP DeskJet 980 C, HP DeskJet 970 CXI, HP DeskJet 850 C, Imagistics W 800, Pitney Bowes W 990 Series, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 610 E, Pitney Bowes DA 500, Pitney Bowes DA 950, Pitney Bowes DA 900, HP DeskJet 990 C, HP DeskJet 970 Series, HP DeskJet 980 CXI, AstroJet 3600 P, HP DeskJet 1180 CXI, Imagistics W 600, HP PhotoSmart 1115 CVR, Stielow 5953 LC, AstroJet 300 P, AstroJet 1000 Series, Rena DA 595, Stielow 5992, Stielow 5955 S, HP DeskJet 710 Series, Odixion Digistation 2000, Rena Envelope Imager III, Stielow Portosprinter, Pitney Bowes W 700, Stielow IJ 85, AstroJet 2600 Series, Rena XPS 80, Imagistics DA 750, HP DeskJet 895 CSE, HP DeskJet 990 CM, Imagistics W 890, HP DeskJet 820 C, Odixion Digiprinter DP 100, Rena PS 1000, HP DeskJet 830 C, Toshiba GA 1030, Stielow IJ 75, Verity Systems Optiprinter, HP PhotoSmart 1100 Series, Kodak Science 1000 PS, HP DeskJet 890 CXI, HP DeskJet 1180 Series, HP DeskJet 890 C, AstroJet 2800, Imagistics W 770, AstroJet 500 P, Imagistics W 700, Pitney Bowes DA 75 S, HP DeskJet 935 C, AstroJet 1000, HP DeskJet 930 CM, Imagistics DA 400, Stielow 5954, Stielow 5955, Stielow Portostar, Pitney Bowes W 880, AstroJet 3800, Stielow IJ 45, HP Color Copier 140 Series, Hasler IJ 65, Imagistics DA 900, HP DeskJet 959 C, Rena DA 620, Stielow 5952, HP DeskJet 750 C, Stielow 5988, Imagistics W 65 R, Pitney Bowes DA 80 F, HP DeskJet 1120 Series, Stielow 5953 L, HP DeskJet 750, Olivetti JOB-JET P 200, Rena XPS 90, HP PhotoSmart 1200 Series, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 630 E, HP DeskJet 980 Series, HP DeskJet 960 Series, AstroJet 3600, Rena DA 612, Rena DA 613, Odixion Digistation DS 2000, Pitney Bowes DA 750, HP DeskJet 870 CSE, HP DeskJet 722 C, Pitney Bowes W 800, Stielow 5953 F, HP Color Copier 150 Series, Data Devices Optiprinter, Imagistics DA 950, HP DeskJet 882 C, Rena Envelope Imager II, Stielow 5955 V, HP Thermal InkJet 2.5, Rena XPS 2000, HP DeskJet 855 C, HP DeskJet 1600 Series, HP DeskJet 880 C, HP DeskJet 710 C, HP DeskJet 952 C, Rena PS 2000, HP DeskJet 855 CSE, Imagistics W 880, Imagistics DA 550, Rena DA 608, HP DeskJet 820 CXI, Stielow 5955 Series, HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 Series, Odixion Digistation DS 2000 Series, HP DeskJet 1600 PS, Pitney Bowes W 770, HP DeskJet 870 C, Imagistics W 680, HP DeskJet 755, Stielow 5952 Series, HP DeskJet 960 C, HP Color Copier 210 Series, LSK Optical Disk Printer 100, Pitney Bowes W 680, HP DeskJet 1180 CSE, AstroJet 2800 Series, Hasler IJ 75, AstroJet 2600 P, HP DeskJet 990 Series, HP DeskJet 820 CSE, Rena DA 612 S, HP DeskJet 832 C, Pitney Bowes W 990, Pitney Bowes W 790, HP DeskJet 1000 C, Pitney Bowes W 660 Series, Pitney Bowes W 661, HP DeskJet 890 Series, HP DeskJet 1220 Series, HP DeskJet 870 CXI, AstroJet IB 9000, Apple Color Stylewriter 6500, HP DeskJet 720 Series, HP DeskJet 950 Series, Imagistics DA 500, Pitney Bowes W 800 Series, HP DeskJet 755 C, HP PhotoSmart 1315, HP DesignJet 750 Plus, HP DeskJet 970 CSE, HP DeskJet 870 Series, Imagistics W 77 R, Pitney Bowes W 801, Toshiba MJ 5002, Pitney Bowes DA 700, AstroJet 2650 P, Output Solutions Inkjet Carton Coding System HP 620 E, HP DeskJet 850 CXI, AstroJet Imaging System II, HP DeskJet 855 CXI, HP DeskJet 830 Series, Encad Novajet 880, Rena DA 615, Stielow IJ 65, HP DeskJet 930 Series, AstroJet 1000 P, HP DeskJet 712 C, Toshiba MR 3011, AstroJet 3600 Series, HP DeskJet 960 CXI, Pitney Bowes DA 550, Rena Envelope Imager I, Rena DJP, Imagistics W 790, Stielow 5952 S, Pitney Bowes W 991, HP DeskJet 890 CSE, HP DeskJet 815 C, Pitney Bowes DA 70 S, Stielow 5982, Stielow 5953 S, HP DeskJet 720 C, HP DeskJet 970 CX, Pitney Bowes DA 400, Imagistics W 660 Series, Stielow 5952 F, Imagistics W 660, Pitney Bowes W 660, Stielow 5980, HP Addmaster IJ 1000, HP DeskJet 870 CSI, HP DesignJet 700, HP DesignJet 750 Series, Imagistics W 661, HP Fax 1220 XI, Stielow 5986, Stielow 5954 S, HP DeskJet 1120 CSE, HP DeskJet 932 C, HP DeskJet 895 CXI, Stielow 5953 Series, Odixion Digistation DS 2000 Office, HP Fax 1220, Imagistics DA 700, Pitney Bowes W 890, Stielow IJ 35, Imagistics W 990, HP DesignJet 750 C, HP DeskJet 960 CSE, Pitney Bowes DA 55 S, AstroJet 2800 P, Stielow Portosprinter 45, HP DeskJet 990 CSE, Imagistics W 891, HP DeskJet 6100 Series, HP DeskJet 850 Series, Pitney Bowes DA 50 S, HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 Series, HP DeskJet 880 Series, Stielow Portosprinter 35, Pitney Bowes DA 95 F, HP Color Copier 140, HP OfficeJet G 85, HP Color Copier 150, HP DeskJet 1120 C, HP OfficeJet G 55 XI, HP OfficeJet G 95, HP DeskJet 1220 C, HP DeskJet 950 C, HP DeskJet 930 C, HP DesignJet 750 C Plus, HP OfficeJet R 80, HP DeskJet 1280, HP DeskJet 6127, HP Color Copier 210 LX, HP Color Copier 270, HP Color Copier 120, HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 CSE, HP DeskJet 1125 C, HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 CXI, HP DeskJet 1220 C/PS, HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 CXI, HP PhotoSmart 1100, HP OfficeJet R 40, HP DeskJet 1600 CN, HP PhotoSmart 1218 XI, HP DeskJet 1220 CSE, HP OfficeJet R 60, HP DeskJet 1600 CM, HP Color Copier 170, HP DeskJet 6122, HP DesignJet 755 CM, HP Color Copier 155, HP OfficeJet G 85 XI, HP DeskJet 1120 CXI, HP DeskJet 1100 C, HP DeskJet 1000 CSE, HP OfficeJet K 60 XI, HP Color Copier 210, HP OfficeJet T 45 XI, HP OfficeJet R 80 XI, HP OfficeJet R 40 XI, HP PhotoSmart 1000 XI, HP Color Copier 110, HP DeskJet 990 CXI, HP Color Copier 190, HP OfficeJet R 45, HP PhotoSmart 1215 VM, HP DeskJet 995 C, HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 C, HP PhotoSmart 1215, HP OfficeJet K 80, HP Color Copier 160, HP DeskJet 1000 CXI, HP OfficeJet T 45, HP DeskJet 1180 C, HP Color Copier 290, HP OfficeJet K 80 XI, HP Color Copier 260, HP DeskJet 1600 C, HP Color Copier 145, HP OfficeJet T 65, HP OfficeJet T 65 XI, HP OfficeJet K 60, HP OfficeJet G 55, HP OfficeJet Pro 1150 CSE, HP PhotoSmart 1115, HP Color Copier 180, HP OfficeJet R 65, HP PhotoSmart 1218, HP Color Copier 280, HP DeskJet 9300, HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 CSE, HP PhotoSmart 1100 XI, HP DeskJet 1220 CXI, HP OfficeJet Pro 1150 C, HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 C, HP PhotoSmart 1000

More Information
Part Code: 51645AE
EAN 0088698200292
Technical details
Printing coloursBlack
Cartridge capacityHigh (XL) Yield
Package typeBlister
Print technologyInkjet printing
Package typeBlister
Ink typePigment-based ink
Black ink cartridges quantity1
OEM code51645AE
Black ink volume42 ml
Brand compatibilityHP
Black ink page yield930 pages
Printing coloursBlack
Cartridge capacityHigh (XL) Yield
Print technologyInkjet printing
CompatibilityHP DeskJet 1100/1120/1220/1280/1600/6122/815/855/870/882/895/930/950/980/990, HP PhotoSmart 1000/1115/1215/1218, HP OfficeJet T45/R40/R45/R60/R65/R80/G55/G85/G95/K60/K80, HP OfficeJet Pro 1150/1170,
Quantity per pack1 pc(s)
Operational conditions
Operating relative humidity (H-H)10 - 70%
Storage temperature (T-T)-15 - 35 °C
Storage relative humidity (H-H)10 - 70%
Operating temperature (T-T)-15 - 35 °C
Packaging data
Package depth26 mm
Package weight150 g
Package width117 mm
Package typeBlister
Package height158 mm
Quantity per pack1 pc(s)
Weight & dimensions
Package depth26 mm
Package weight150 g
Width26 mm
Weight111 g
Package width117 mm
Package typeBlister
Package height158 mm
Height158 mm
Depth117 mm
Manufacturer HP

Install hardware to customer specification


We can build your servers, storage and related products to suit your exact requirements, fully customisable. We can advise you on the components that will deliver maximum performance.

  • Qualified Engineers
  • Cost effective
  • Professional Service
  • Quality
  • Bespoke Service
  • ESD-free Configuration Centre
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Install Operating System and perform Windows updates

install server

We specialise in installing and updating Microsoft Server Environments. Our qualified engineers will install OS and perform critical Windows updates saving you time to concentrate on the core business.

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Configure hard drives in specified RAID

server raid

Setting up RAID can be quite complicated, we can set up various RAID options for you e.g. RAID1, RAID5, RAID10 etc.
  • Ready for OS installation
  • Performance
  • Complexity simplified


Install any customer specific BIOS/Firmware settings

server bios
Powering on and testing your product prior to despatch will prevent you from receiving Dead on Arrival (DOA) product. This is particularly important if the product is needed for an urgent installation.
  • Patched and up to date
  • Avoid problematic firmwares


Install server role services specified by the customer

Install Server Role
We can install key roles on your server ready for deployment. We will work with you and customise it to your business needs.

We are pleased to offer the following:

Domain controller: Domain controller is the centrepiece of your network as it manages all access.

Active Directory: Active Directory is a directory service. It stores user account information and enforces security policy.

DHCP: DHCP assigns IP addresses to devices on a network.

DNS: DNS translates names into IP addresses e.g. servername to

Distributed File System: DFS offers the ability to share files across the network with greater access policy.

Static IP Address: We can assign static IP addresses that you specify along with subnet mask, gateway address and DNS info so it’s ready from the moment it leaves our Config Centre. Once the server is on your network, you can immediately start configuring remotely from your office.

  • Essential roles
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Full Soak Test (12/24 hour)

Soak Test
We can run your system though comprehensive test cycles identifying faults, system stability and performance.
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Create customers asset tag/register

We offer asset tagging to ensure equipment is pre-tagged on delivery. Tamper resistant labels are available and personalised to your company. We will keep a record of asset numbers and serial numbers for management of warranty support or DOA calls.
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PDI - Pre Delivery Inspection

Powering on and testing your product prior to despatch will prevent you from receiving Dead on Arrival (DOA) product. This is particularly important if the product is needed for an urgent installation.
  • Reliability of Equipment
  • Avoid disappointment
  • Deliver project on time
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